Pocahontas Arkansas Flooding

We first want to send our thoughts and prayers out to those in our town affected by the flood this week. Luckily our home and business were not flooded. Being from a small town, you can’t help but want to help your friends, neighbors and colleagues. We decided the best way we can help at this time is to offer our service.

This Friday & Saturday from 9am to 9pm and Sunday from 9am to 5pm we will be offering free WiFi to the town of Pocahontas. We unfortunately do not have any extra computers for public use, but you can bring your laptop or smart phone by and connect with us. We have 4 computers for public use.

We understand more than anyone how dependent we have become on computers and the internet. We use them for banking, bill paying, communication, and more. We also understand the need to communicate with your family, share photos, or just look at photos of the town posted.

Also, if you need help emailing photos or setting up a facebook profile to communicate with loved ones, we will be here to help.

We are located on the Square at 101 North Marr in Pocahontas. You can call us 248-0700 or find us on facebook.

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  • UPDATE! We have had 4 laptops donated for the public to use this weekend if you do not have a computer.

  • I am from W.R. now living in IL. I would like to say that I have never seen this before. It so sad and break’s my heart that this happened. I’m hoping when it all said and done. They build the levee higher. Good luck and my God bless you all. The Ferrari and Graham families..

    • Thank you so much. It’s hard to see friends and colleagues losing so much. We are very thankful our home and business was not affected by the flood waters.

  • i am so pls to see this not to many ppl will do something like this. u will totally have me as ur custmor when and if i need anything.

    • It’s the least we could do! They didn’t need volunteers at the Red Cross so it’s what we came up with to help the community.

  • I grew up in Poki and it is killing me to see my home town go through this. My prayers are with you all!

    • Thank you Steve. Luckily we live in a town where we can come together as a community and help one another out. Next week will be hard on a lot of folks around here, starting clean up.

  • We are still offering free wifi services during normal business hours.


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