How to recover a deleted file in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a built-in tool called Previous Version that allows users to recover files they mistakenly delete. In order to recover deleted files you have to first make sure that System Restore is enabled so that Windows can

Previous versions screenshot

Previous versions screenshot

create restore points. These restore points are what you can revert a folder to in order to recover the files that existed at that time and date.

Step 1 – Making Sure System Restore Is Enabled

You can verify that System Restore is turned on by right-clickingComputer and selecting Properties. Next, you’ll want to click the System Protection tab and then click the drive you wish to turn on System Restore. The C: drive is usually the drive selected. After selecting the desired drive and clicking OK, System Restore will be turned on if it was previously off.

Step 2 – Recovering a Changed Document in Windows 7

  1. Open the folder where the file was located.
  2. Right-click in the white space within that folder.
  3. Select Properties and click OK.
  4. The Properties screen will then pop-up. In this screen, select the Previous Versions tab.
  5. The Previous Versions tab will then display various versions of changed or deleted files in that folder. These versions are based on automatic restore points created by System Restore.
  6. Choose the version time and date you wish to revert back to.
  7. Then click Open.
  8. You will then see all of the previous versions of files in that folder according to the time and date you selected.
  9. To recover one of those files, rick-click the file and select Send to and then choose the folder you wish to save the file to.

That’s it! Now you know how to recover lost files. It’s a handy, useful tool that Microsoft built into Windows 7. We recommend you take full advantage of tne Previous Versions tool as it will save you headaches down the road.


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